Pinellas Bayway Beautification Project

Tierra Verde — October 18, 2017

About a year ago the Tierra Verde Community Association (TVCA) began discussing a $1 million dollar grant that was available from the State of Florida to beautify all access points to the state’s beaches. The TVCA partnered with Pinellas County to pursue the grant which ultimately was awarded to improve eight segments of the Pinellas Bayway median.

The starting point of the improvement project is just north of the intersection of Pinellas Bayway and Yacht Club Drive. The end point is at the intersection of Pinellas Bayway and West Shore Boulevard and East Shore Boulevard. The improvements to the eight segments of the median include the installation of flowering trees, palms, seven variety of shrubs, two ground covers, organic mulch, crushed shells and Argentine Bahia sod. All eight segments of the median will be irrigated to support the new plantings.

On Thursday, October 12, TVCA hosted an open house at its community room featuring county and contractor representatives and illustrations of the project. The project is expected to begin imminently and should be completed before any substantial progress is made on construction of the new bridge in 2018.  (Incidentally, county representatives at the open house indicated the work going on this week on the median is unrelated to the beautification project.)

If you missed the open house, below are photos of the vegetation and other materials that are part of the project.

Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Cover for Bayway Beautification

Based on the illustrations provided at the open house, the north and south ends of each of the eight median segments (100 feet and 200 feet respectively) will be replanted with low-rise ground cover, sod, shells and boulders. The area between those north and south ends is where the flowering trees, palms and larger shrubs will be planted.

And lastly, here is an artist’s rendering of what the south end of each median segment is expected to look like as well as a rendering of middle portion of each median segment.

Perspective looking south at the south end of a median segment.
Perspective looking north into the center of a median segment.